Audit & Consulting Services

We offer audit and consulting services for situations where deeper understanding of challenges may be necessary.

Our consultancy services are arranged around 3 main areas
Advanced DSE Assessment
Whether your employee is severely disabled by a physical condition, on a back to work pathway following some time off work, or their situation is a little off the beaten track...

Additional face to face intervention is likely to be needed when auditing their working environment

Our consultant will base their audit around a 5 step process, ensuring excellent results are achieved by :
  • Interviewing / Assessing their health and personal situation
  • Asking / Assessing work and tasks, workplace and equipment used
  • Undertaking an analysis of your employee's primary and secondary work areas
  • Performing an assessment of their work equipment
  • Producing a factual and accurate report with the recommended actions (for example, adjustments, training, equipment modifications...)

Ultimately, this approach provides your company with the knowledge required, and confidence to execute, the necessary steps needed to make a positive impact on your employees' specific situation.

Adopting new ways of working
Whether you are planning to add Homeworking to your workplace organisation, adopt a Flex-office program, or just a transition towards an Agile Organisation...
all those changes will impact more than just the organisational aspects of your company.

To ensure workplace changes are embraced by your employees, and the change is a success, your transformation process will need to be clearly articulated, carefully prepared and thoughtfully implemented.

Through the data collected via Agileapp, we are well placed to provide your company with a wealth of knowledge about your employees and your workplace...

By working alongside your project team, during the following 3 phases : Project, Implementation and Review…our consultancy team will facilitate your employee engagement in adopting your company's New Ways of Working.

Wellness Program Implementation
Well-Being @ Work, Quality of Life, Company's productivity, and Social interaction are known to be intricate parts of company culture as the Covid-19 workplace restrictions have shown. This is well explained by the social ergonomics concept

That is why, when Agileapp has identified the trends in your company, we will use the collected data to help implement solutions which will increase social interactions between your employees.

We can tailor Seminars & Workshops Events around :

  • Physical activities such as on-site yoga classes, running clubs, walking challenge...
  • Psychological activities such as mindfulness training..
  • Nutritional discussions

Because we are not robots after all, we are happy to help you put a human touch to your Wellbeing@work policy.
Whatever your company problems or goals, Agilea is your partner of choice to improve your employee wellbeing and employee satisfaction
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