Agilea is an innovative software solution designed to help you manage your work environment, whether it is on the premises of your company or elsewhere : Homeworking, Clients premises, coworking spaces, on the go.

In addition, Agilea can also help you professionally monitoring of the mental health status of your employees.

Thanks to the 2 sides of the AGILEAPP solution, it will be easy for you to perform regulatory training and assessments.
With the ergonomics solution, you will be able to :
  • Describe your work environments (office, homeworking, etc.)
  • Follow the tutorials associated with each environments
  • Understand how perfectly adjusting your equipment will improve your well-being
  • Test and validate your knowledge
  • Raise alerts on your defective equipment
  • Identify your health conditions, to get appropriate follow-up

While, the Mental Health component will give you the opportunity to assess the stress level of your employees, through different configurable categories :

  • Work intensity
  • Emotional demands
  • Work autonomy
  • Social relationships and interactions
  • Confluence of values
  • Work security

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Why choose Agilea ?

Describe all your personalised work environments
Follow associated tutorials and complete assessments
Innovative solution
Online, always accessible
Fulfil all your ergonomics needs
Employee centric solution
Designed for flexible workplaces, Homeworking or Co-Working spaces
Manage costs
Poorly designed workstations or work environments can result in
Eye strain,
Musculoskeletal issues (MSK) such as upper limb problems, neck and back aches
which can result in employee absences and productivity loss
The results
Using Agileapp, your :
Risks and costs related to Workplace injury can be significantly decreased
Employee engagement can be increased
Compliance with the current regulations
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All the features to comply with your Display Screen Equipment assessment while promoting the wellbeing of your employees


Based on a personal profile which features:

  • Multiple environments e.g. Office A, Office B, Co-working space, Home Office
  • Company office furniture pre-listed, allowing employees to personalise the user experience

The result: each employee has their own workplace arrangement.
Following the implementation of their personal profile, each employee will be asked to undertake training.

The Agileapp approach will ensure:
  • All training is linked to each employees' working environment, as per the description in their user profile.
  • With online availability, the employees capacity to be trained, informed and report issues is always possible.

Once the specific training has been undertaken, your employees:
  • Will know how to use their equipment correctly therefore minimising the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Will be more engaged, as any defective furniture will be reported
  • Will have their training saved, recorded and uploaded automatically, allowing you to meet regulatory obligations.
    Agileapp will allow your business to look after its employees and its workplace, reducing costs of workplace injury whilst increasing employee engagement and improving employee satisfaction.
    Based on the UK guidelines and statutory requirements, the Agileapp DSE assessment will provide your company with :

    • An accurate picture of your employees wellbeing, allowing your employees to report health issues at the touch of a button
    • A regularly updated view of your company assets
    • The ability to provide a safe working environment that supports employee diversity and inclusion

    By using Agileapp, your company will always be kept up to date on its legal obligations, even when managing a high level of change as their employees adopt new ways of working and increasingly flexible workplace arrangements

    Thanks to our dynamic monitoring tool, Agileapp will be able to provide your company with:

    • Accurate reports on chosen criteria
    • Categorised drill down
    • Active / Inactive alerts

    As a result, your company will be able to adopt a dynamic approach management of its employees and workplace.
    Because your Employees' Wellbeing is your Company Wellbeing


    Provide us with the information regarding the working environment of your organization
    We will setup the personalised profiles for all your employees in a few days

    As soon as the profiles are uploaded you will be able to connect to our solution immediately
    Thanks to our partnership with Smartway2, we can provide additional innovation for your workplace. Our unique software combination will allow employees to match their own ergonomic requirements with the appropriate workstations through a desk booking system

    The benefits are:
    • For the company, the knowledge that employees are not at risk of injuries due to inappropriate furniture usage.
    • For the employee, the certainty that they are well looked after by the company
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