An online solution, Agileapp is designed to help you manage your employees' wellbeing and your company's working environments effectively.

Agileapp will enable:

Your company will be able to fulfil its regulatory obligations for employees using screens for work
Your employees will be trained, informed and be an active part in setting up a successful workplace

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Why choose Agilea ?

Describe all your personalised work environments
Follow associated tutorials and complete assessments
Innovative solution
Online, always accessible
Fulfil all your ergonomics needs
Employee centric solution
Designed for flexible workplaces, Homeworking or Co-Working spaces
Manage costs
Poorly designed workstations or work environments can result in
Eye strain,
Musculoskeletal issues (MSK) such as upper limb problems, neck and back aches
which can result in employee absences and productivity loss
The results
Using Agileapp, your :
Risks and costs related to Workplace injury can be significantly decreased
Employee engagement can be increased
Compliance with the current regulations
Watch Agilea's presentation
All the features to comply with your Display Screen Equipment assessment while promoting the wellbeing of your employees
Thanks to our partnership with Smartway2, we can provide additional innovation for your workplace. Our unique software combination will allow employees to match their own ergonomic requirements with the appropriate workstations through a desk booking system

The benefits are:
  • For the company, the knowledge that employees are not at risk of injuries due to inappropriate furniture usage.
  • For the employee, the certainty that they are well looked after by the company
    For both company and employee, the insurance that Agilea and SmartWay2 are working together to improve Wellbeing@Work
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