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Working from Home , current and future impact ?

Thanks to another lockdown milestone on being crossed on 17.05.21, the debate between the “Back to the office" brigade versus the "Working From home ” supporters  (BTTO vs WFH) has been gathering extra pace.

Judging by recent communications, the “BTTO” brigade is certainly pushing its agenda forward, using one argument, which is certainly worth listening to :
Since the start of the pandemic over a year ago , WFH has had a massive impact on society, but in a way which is probably beyond what we all have been able to witness so far.

Changes will be seen on Town centers, Shops, Housing infrastructure, Roads, Shopping habits as well as society structure, with a potential divide between those who can and those who cannot, i.e. the people who are able to WFH vs the ones who are excluded.
A fact highlighted in one of the recent ONS study where London wealthy suburbs residents, quite often white collars workers, were over present

But with the pandemic moving goalpost, it is probably worth accepting that the BTTO vs WFH debate is still in its infancy phase, and therefore a work in progress.
Ultimately, the tone is likely to be set by employees, (and the pandemic to a certain extent), through what people are willing to accept in the future,  leading to even more adjustments.

The result , Hybrid Work 

With this is mind, the real challenges for employers might be :  
  • Workforce situation Monitoring (Physical & Mental health, Engagement…)
  • Consistent Data Gathering across the various employee’s place of work (Office, coworking space, WFH…)   

If those two steps are done correctly and hand in hand, it will allow
  • Companies’ productivity to remain high and put them in good place to deal with futures challenges
  • Companies to greet their workforce with the adequate level of support

Agilea, with its employee-centric perspective, and  transversal approach is the perfect tool to achieve a great workplace wellbeing strategy, and prevent potential costs

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